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Tyba Candidates

The ultimate tool to showcase your professional potential


A beautiful way to represent yourself

Tyba offers you a new way to show recruiters who you are in both a professional and personal manner.


On Tyba it is the companies that find you

Instead of searching for a job or internship, with your Tyba, you just need to explain your current situation and companies will find you


The best outfit for your professional Tyba

Tyba allows you to have a domain and email address, as well as different color themes to match your personality


Tyba is super easy to build and update

You can quickly import your data from LinkedIn or Facebook, and update your Tyba at any time. Changes will be live on-the-go


Find other candidates and improve your Tyba

With Tyba you can find thousands of candidates from all over the world. Check their profiles, improve your network and find new ways to increase your success


Complete statistics and much more

Check who visited your Tyba, where your visitors came from and how much time they are spending on your site.

And this is just an overview

Tyba Recruiters

A new way for companies to find their junior talent

Our company recruiter tools are the most advanced tracking and searching utilities oriented to junior recruitment

  • They use filters to find the profile they need
  • They can refine results easily
  • They track and organize candidates, all on the same screen
  • How Tyba Recruiter works for companies:

  • 1

    Search and filter candidates

    Select what you need and find the candidates that match your needs

  • 2

    Track candidates

    Check the quality of the candidate's Tyba to find the best profiles

  • 3

    Manage the profiles

    Create folders, share with your team and add public comments and private notes

Start showing recruiters the real you

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